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That Donkey On Your Back

Men don’t carry donkeys. Rather, men shouldn’t carry donkeys. It is not that donkeys have far too big jaws to be carried, or that they always look guilty-like they, and their offspring, deserve to bear burden all their natural life. … Continue reading

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The Maths of Blessings

The universe works in mysterious ways. This you can see every time President Kibaki makes a speech. You can tell that every time someone shares a picture of their lunch or breakfast on Twitter.  There are things we’ll never get … Continue reading

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Making Lemonade

“The president is dead!!” someone whispered. “What?” Jane asked. And then she wished she hadn’t.  See, the President-Jomo Kenyatta-wasn’t supposed to die or at least, one wasn’t supposed to imagine his death. It was treasonable. And yet, as if defying … Continue reading

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How my hair look, Mike?

If the plug was pulled on the Big Bang Theory today, I wouldn’t mourn. Sure I’d be sad but I wouldn’t lock myself in a room and cry like a baby about it. Don’t get me wrong, Big Bang Theory … Continue reading

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Somewhere Between Now and Down That Aisle

A friend of recently sent me a text that said ‘We broke up! Imagine!’ She had been dating this big guy who, as it turned out, was just full of himself. But I didn’t immediately assume that they’d broken up … Continue reading

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The Company

I came across this old post in my laptop yesterday and decided to post. Four months later. **** Someone is out to get me! I know it. I am gonna die a slow painful death when they find me. The … Continue reading

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The fire he lit

Sometimes, I talk politics. Depending on your take on the subject, this might be a big deal. But politics, even to the apolitical, is always a big deal. Politics is a big deal enough to determine what sound you wake … Continue reading

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