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The Company

I came across this old post in my laptop yesterday and decided to post. Four months later. **** Someone is out to get me! I know it. I am gonna die a slow painful death when they find me. The … Continue reading

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The fire he lit

Sometimes, I talk politics. Depending on your take on the subject, this might be a big deal. But politics, even to the apolitical, is always a big deal. Politics is a big deal enough to determine what sound you wake … Continue reading

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Love Lies Bleeding

Chocolate, roses, dinner on a plane en route to a secluded island, gifts, presents, Uji in bed, a drive out of town, chocolate, a surprise, flowers, something spontaneous, presents, more chocolate, more dinners and more flowers. These were the answers … Continue reading

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Folie a deux; behind bars

In February 2003, Kenya was a country very different from the one we have come to know. Back then, Kenyans wore optimism like it was their favourite cologne. The spirit of anti-corruption hung in the air like thick fog blinding … Continue reading

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